“Long Beach Skate“ Celebrates Their First Year of Success May 14, 2011 with a BBQ, Shop Decks and Team Announcement

Long Beach, CA (May 6, 2011) – Long Beach Skate owners, Tim Scanlan and Carrie White opened their skate shop one year ago with the mission to encourage the local youth to skateboard in a positive environment and to enhance the skateboard culture in the community, by promoting drug-free and violence-free events. The shop has accomplished its goals and is celebrating this month with the announcement of shop decks, a skateboard team and a BBQ May 14, 2011.

In the past year Long Beach Skate has been involved with multiple community outreach events including a skate contest to raise money for a Women’s and Children’s Center in Guatemala. They also joined forces with local non-profit “Autism in Long Beach” during the national autism awareness campaign that took place in April.  LB Skate is also a sponsoring SNAP’s (Special Needs and Abilities Project) benefit concert this May. Long Beach Skate is presently accepting donations of hardly used skateboards and lightly skated shoes to donate to youth in South Africa through the Maloof Money Cup Organization.  Scanlan states “Spreading the joy of skateboarding to local and global communities that do not have access to skate shops or the money to buy skateboard products brings joy to our lives.”


With their one-year anniversary Scanlan and White saw it to be only fitting to launch their first shop deck.  Scanlan thoroughly researched the best kind of wood to create the shop deck with. Trying boards from 6 different companies in many different shapes and sizes he found the best type of wood possible.  The design is locally inspired and fit’s the name of the shop properly with a natural wood color and an image of the Long Beach Skyline on the bottom.  As a special offer to their customers, the first 50 people to purchase a shop deck will receive a free limited edition 1-year anniversary t-shirt.


Long Beach Skate is proud to announce their skateboarding team with their one-year anniversary. The team consists of three groundbreaking skaters who are making waves in the industry with each of their unique styles.  The team members are:  Mikey Chim, Tony Karr and Gustavo Morales.  All three are local Long Beach skateboarders who bring a positive and uplifting energy with their abilities and personalities.  LB Skate will be featuring these riders in contests as they raise the level of exposure and expertise in the skateboarding industry.


On May 14th Long Beach Skate will be holding a 1-year anniversary party to celebrate the shops success at 3138 E. 7th Street at Obispo Ave.  This will include a skate session & contest for anyone who signs up between 11am-12pm, a FREE BBQ, a DJ spinning vinyl records and a local art show.  All are invited to take part in the festivities as LB Skate celebrates making their name in the Long Beach community and holding their ground as a local business.


Long Beach Skate is actively planning multiple events for the upcoming summer with a picnic for Autism Families that is to take place on June 12th at Bixby Park as well as a skate contest for local youth 18 and under to be held at Houghton Skate Park August 13, 2011.

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