In a striving skate community, Long Beach Skate was established to bring a shop to the neighborhood that locals can identify as their own. This shop is purely for skaters, carrying only skate gear. We are a full service skate shop providing not only set up but tune ups, repairs and maintenance as well.

Long Beach Skate is involved with the community in building and promoting skatepark development. We pride ourselves on bringing satisfaction and enjoyment to everyone who walks through our doors.

This is not my skate shop, this is not your skate shop, this is our Long Beach Skate shop.


A core value of Long Beach Skate is playing an active role in the community. LB Skate owners participate in a variety of fundraising and promotional events – from free giveaways at skate park gatherings, providing food for skate-jams, clothing and shoe drives and t-shirt sale fundraising are among the few. We hope that volunteering our time will heighten community awareness for a cause while creating goodwill and encourage our employees and customers to volunteer their time too.

•ASK-Action Sports Kids Foundation
•A.S.K. Long Beach
•Autism In Long Beach
•Hood Games, Oakland X Long Beach
•Long Beach Public Safety
•SAF-Substance Abuse Foundation